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Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Party in Your Garden

One of the best things about having a garden area with well-maintained landscaping in Orlando is the summer parties that you can hold for your friends and family. If you want to enjoy your outdoor party in Orlando, now is the time to dust off your deck chairs and get your landscaping in Orlando ready for entertainment.

Be it a chilled evening cocktail with friends or a fun summer rave for the kids, here are some great ideas to make your outside space impressive to guests and perfect for your event.

1. Tidy up your garden

Before your outdoor party, make sure that your garden is in top shape. Remove weeds, clean your outdoor features and put away all the toys and garden tools around your garden. By clearing up the outdoor space, it is easier to think through how you want to decorate and arrange for the party. You can also hire a firm specialized in landscaping in Orlando to help you put your garden in entertainment shape.

2. Sitting arrangements

Have a good idea how many people are coming and provide enough seats for them. Daytime parties typically have people walking around and mingling while evening parties are more stationary. You can buy new chairs from IKEA or the hardware store or create an informal space from old wood pallets and big floor cushions.

3. Plan for the heat

It is important to provide a shaded area in your garden if the weather is going to be hot and sunny. You can either get a large yard umbrella to provide shade for foods and drinks or make a gazebo which you can use over the years. If you have a swimming pool in your outdoors, you can also use that to keep everyone cool.

4. Outdoor lights

Hanging lights in the evening and transform your garden to a summer wonderland. You can also include Tiki torches to create a rustic, outdoor vibe for your guests. If you will be using open flames, ensure that the torches are planted firmly so they don’t fall over. You should also be careful so that there are not trip hazards around the garden from wires and lighting connections.

5. Keep mosquitoes away

Mosquitoes can make your party a pain if they are lurking around and biting people all over. Avoid mosquitoes disturbing your party by making sure that you don’t have stagnant water in the garden. Drain the pool if it is not in use. These could become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Citronella candles in your garden torches also help to repel mosquitoes and other insects. Check that the rain gutters or flower pots have not collected water that is standing. Mosquitoes don’t have strong wings so having a fan also creates airflow that will keep them away.

Hoffner Landscaping can help you get your dream garden landscaping in Orlando and have you ready to have the most beautiful outdoor parties with minimal fuss. Talk to us today for a free consultation.