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Secrets to Growing Plants in A Home Nursery in Orlando Using Household Items

Growing plants at your home nursery in Orlando can be done cheaply and simply by using some of the items you already have in your home. If you love working in the outdoors and want to grow your own plants, having the right information is always important. Here are some really cool, inexpensive ways that you can continue to grow your plants without spending too much money or efforts at it.

You can make mulch with old newspapers

Mulching the soil of your nursery doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make cheap mulch by laying sheets of old newspapers on the soil and cover with some existing mulch. This will help the flower pots or beds retain their water content and also prevent weeds from growing because it protects the soil from excessive sunlight.

Aluminum foil can chase away bugs and birds

A mix of aluminum strips and mulch can help to chase away bugs from your plants. Another cool function of the aluminum foil is that it reflects light back onto the plants why increases their rate of photosynthesis and growth. If you have problems with birds coming to your nursery, then hang the aluminum foil as trips or wrapped them around a seashell or a flattened piece of rock and string down some hedges or branches to scare off the larger animals.

Kill pests naturally with salt

If you notice snails, slugs, worms and other nematodes near your nursery, a sprinkle of salt will kill them off quickly without you having to add any artificial chemicals or pesticides that could hurt your plants.

Encourage pollination with fruits

Overripe bananas and other fruits attract butterflies to your nursery in Orlando which also help to fertilize your plants. Place the fruits at a raised level so that they are higher than the plants. This will help bring bees, wasps and other agents of pollination to your plants. Don’t forget however that overripe fruits can attract ants and small rodents so make sure you removed the fruits in the evening so that you don’t get unwanted visitors that may damage your plants in the process of trying to get the fruits.

Ferns love a good watering of tea

If you are growing plants like ferns, hydrangeas and other plants that like acidity, one easy way to get them looking fresh with fuller leaves is to water them with brewed tea. Cold tea can replenish plant nutrients that are otherwise absent from water. Instead of throwing away your leftover tea, the brew can be used to feed your plants while the leaves in the tea bags can be added to organic mulch to provide sustenance for the plants and reduce the amount of water and nutrients that get lost via evaporation.

Having a home nursery in Orlando can be fulfilling and fun if you have a green thumb or just like to increase your home greenery by yourself. Speak to us at Hoffner Nursery in Orlando for your landscaping design, outdoor hardscaping and sod installation and removal. Our services are premium and our rates competitive.