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Landscaping Mistakes to Watch out For This Fall and Winter

A perfect looking outdoor is the dream of every homeowner, irrespective of the time of the year. We are gradually approaching the fall and winter seasons when plants will shed their leaves and the wind becomes cooler. Some issues come with different seasons no matter how much you avoid them. With landscaping services in Orlando, you will take note of the best practices and the best way to take good care of your lawn during the fall season. So, here are some issues that are you should look out for during this season.

1. Cutting Grass Excessively Low

Cutting the grass too low is not good as it makes it prone to damage. While some grasses can be cut low, it does not quite work for some. Because of this, we advise that you make sure the length of the grass corresponds with the grooming requirements of the grass' specie when cutting the grass.

2. Using the Wrong fertilizer

Different fertilizers work for different plants. So, you should ensure that the manure you choose meets the need of your grass. Asides, the season should also affect your choice of fertilizer. This is because some fertilizers might not work well in extreme temperatures.

Spray fertilizer works well in fall and winter. Aside, a constant application is encouraged to make sure the plants survive the changing season.

3. Failure to Water trees, Shrubs, and Other Plants

Since these plants are shedding leaves, many people hold on to the belief they do not need water. This is not true as plants do not water irrespective of the season. Not giving them enough water will result in stunted growths.

Asides, you should not delay watering your front yard grass. This might make them dry out and possibly die from dehydration.

4. Using weed Killer for Winter

Winter is a terrible time to use weed killers. While many people use weed killers with good intentions, it doesn’t work out well when the temperature is low. Weed killers are best used during warm weather only.

5. Not planting Ahead

You should always plant flowers and tree on time, in preparation for the spring season. Flowers and plants differ in the time it takes for them to germinate. Trees as well take time to mature and develop fruits therefore, the time to plant is now.

In preparing your landscape or lawn for the fall season, you should avoid the mistakes listed above. We admit that it is not always an easy task taking care of your yard. It will, however, pay off with time.

If you would like a more capable hand to attend to your lawn, contact an expert in landscaping in Orlando at Hoffner Nursery. We offer fantastic landscaping services in Orlando to help give your property the best visual appeal. Put through a call today on 407-658-460 and we will work something pleasant out.