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How to Identify and Treat Invasive Fungi on your lawn

Sometimes, the lawn care practices that most homeowners take have their effects. Constant watering and fertilization of the lawn are appropriate measures, but if done too much, too much nitrogen in fertilizer can bring about the invasion of fungal infections. In some areas where they experience heavy rain, it can lead to the development of fungi which causes the death of the grass on lawns and changes their color as well as cause them to dry out. So, how do you identify the signs of fungi on your lawn and when you see it, how do you treat it?

The first order of business to understand the type of grass you have on your lawn and what it looks like when it is healthy. You can get a company that provides landscaping in Orlando to work on your lawn, so you can have an idea of how your grass is supposed to look in its best state. If your grass looks yellow or brown instead of a normal dark green color, something is wrong with it, and it most likely is a fungal infection. Sometimes, fungi show up in your grass in circular patterns, so if there are rings of discolored patterns on your grass, that is another sign that your grass is infected. Make a habit of observing your lawn every week and paying close attention to the color of the grass.

Another way to know if your grass has been infested with fungi is to look at the blades of grass to see how the discoloration is taking place. If the blades of grass have layers of dust-colored gray, white or yellow, then that means your grass is infested with fungal mold. Black and brown spots also indicate the presence of fungal mold or if there are threads in between the blades of grass. The roots can also be affected so you must check your soil to see if the roots are overly soft and moist.

So how do you tackle this menace? The first thing to do get a good fungicide and apply it to the parts that are discolored. To even be safer, take preventive measures to prevent the occurrence of fungi at all. To ensure that you do a great job, getting an expert at landscaping in Orlando such as Hoffner Nursery to help you deal with any fungal infection on your lawn. You sure do not want your lawn looking ugly and discolored all over. Before it becomes worse, call 407 658 1460.