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How to create Pet-friendly Landscaping?

No homeowner would like their pet to mess up their beautiful landscape, but they cannot get rid of their pet just because they have a landscape to protect. What then is the way out? If you a yard and you wouldn’t want your pet to mess it up for you, what you need to do is make your yard pet-resilient and pet-friendly at the same time.

First off, know your pet. While some pets enjoy digging, some want to get out and go far away from home. Once you know the tendencies of your pet, you will be able to have your yard designed to accommodate its habit. If your pet loves digging, you should consider adding some hardscaping to your yard. Hoffner Nursery has discovered from decades of experience as a nursery in Orlando that building slate walks and gravel paths make it hard for your pet to dig. You can install a digging area like a sandbox for your pet, so it does not look like you are taking away all that it needs to have fun. You can bury some toys in the digging area to make it more enjoyable for your pet.

Dogs enjoy patrolling their turf which is why they make paths. You can add some pavers for them to walk on. You can use mulch too, but the pieces should not be too small lest they stick to the paws of your dog and they carry them into the house. Cocoa mulch is not advisable as it is harmful to pets. You can also install a fence to keep your pet secure. Hoffner Nursery offers a wide range of fence designs which can be installed for you by one of the landscape architects in Orlando working with us.

Putting in place a cool shade for your pet to hang out is not a bad idea. You can install a gazebo, pavilion or pergola where your pet can relax with you and your family. All you need is an experienced landscape architect in Orlando to help put these structures in place. You also need to consider the chemicals used to treat your yard. Some of these chemicals are harmful to animal life, and a nursery in Orlando should give you organic alternatives that will keep your yard in good shape and harmless to your pet.

You can have a beautiful yard that allows your pet to be free to move around. With an experienced nursery in Orlando like Hoffner Nursery, you will be able to put in place an outdoor space that meets your needs and accommodates your pets. Call 407 658 1460 to get started.