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Landscaping: 5 Tips For Opening The Field In The Spring

The birds begin to sing again and the sun's rays warm our skin. It's a sign of the arrival of spring. The spring revival also rhymes with a list of tasks to do before enjoying again our yard and our landscaping. Where do we start? To make your job easier, Hoffner Nursery landscaping in Orlando has compiled a list of 5 tips to help open the lot.

1- Remove the protections from trees and shrubs

The first step is inevitably the removal of tree and shrub protections. Have you planted trees with guardians in recent years? Check if they are rooted. To do this, try to move the trunk to see If it does not move or has been rooted. In general, one removes the guardian one year after planting to allow the tree to move and strengthen its root system with the surrounding wind. When the tree grows, it must also ensure that the harness does not stifle his trunk. If necessary, you can change it.

2- Preparing the grass

Although it is resistant, your lawn needs a little attention. In the spring, it is suggested to remove it lightly, to do a home automation lime treatment as needed and to ventilate the soil if it is compact.

Tip: To determine if your soil is compact, plant a pencil in your lawn. If it is difficult to sink, it is because your lawn is due for aeration!

3- Prune the perennials

Most perennials are pruned when the season closes in the fall, but some varieties may be pruned in the spring as is the case for grasses. You must prune them as soon as possible to prevent the new foliage from growing through the dry leaves. The flower stalks of hydrangea are to be cut in the spring if you have not done it in autumn. This task can very well be done with the family. Do not hesitate to involve your children! They will enjoy it!

4- Clean your yard entrance and sidewalks

If you use a broom to clean your pavers and slabs, be careful not to remove the polymer sand. Observe to make sure that the joints are always well filled and that there is no soil on top, otherwise the weeds could become established. If you see that it is missing, add it! Sprinkle with a trickle of water to fix it.

5- Seal your pavement

Some environments are more conducive than others to stain the pavement. For example, if you have a wooded lot or if your paver or concrete is very pale, it may stain more easily. In this situation, we advise you to install a sealant. The sealer blocks the pores of your pavement and prevents the absorption of the organic materials responsible for the stains. It must be applied, at least, one year after installation and must be redone every 3 or 4 years.

We are aware that not everyone has the time, knowledge or interest to maintain their landscaping. That's why Hoffner Nursery in Orlando offers many maintenance services to maintain the natural beauty of your landscaping in Orlando. Call or email us today for a landscaper to talk to you on how to get the best landscaping service in Orlando.