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Choosing between adding a Fireplace or Fire-pit to Your Landscape

Since time immemorial, sitting and looking into a fireplace has always an enjoyable activity to pass the time. And since landscaping has become an integral part of homes with large grounds surrounding them, a lot of landscape architects have included fireplace or fire-pit features in their designs. If you find the idea of having a fireplace or fire-pit added to your landscape and you are torn between the two options, you can get in touch with an experienced Landscape architect in Orlando. The Hoffner Nursery is a great choice as they have both the experience and expertise to bring your imaginations to life.

Think about going back home after a long day at work to relax with a drink or putting together an impromptu feast with your friends. There are so many things you can with an outdoor fireplace or fire-pit. So, how do you choose which one is best for you?

An outdoor fire place is a large construction in your yard that is used to block an undesirable view, create privacy. The downsides to constructing a fireplace is that it is usually large and takes up space, is expensive and you can only sit on a side of the fireplace. A fire-pit on the other hand is more like a pit that has fire burning in it. It is smaller than a fireplace and is cheaper to construct. The downside is that controlling the direction of the smoke is more difficult.

The two options are great and they both let you enjoy the outdoor space in your home, and they beautify your property, thereby giving it more value. Whichever you choose between installing a fire-pit or fireplace, you can use gas or wood to fuel either of them. If you are using gas, put the gas line into consideration when choosing a spot. An experienced landscape architect in Orlando like Hoffner Nursery will provide you with professional advice to install the best fireplace or fire-pit on your property. Hoffner Landscaping will help you choose the best spot to place the fireplace or fire-pit, advise you on other complimentary landscape accessories like plants that you can add to your yard. They will also give you insights on fire laws in Orlando and the best materials to use for the construction.

Be prepared to make the most out of your yard by constructing a fireplace or fire-pit. All you have to do is put a call through to the professional landscape architects in Orlando at Hoffner Nursery and Landscaping, and you will be enjoying those quiet moments after work alone, with friends and family in front of glowing warm fire. The number to call is 407 658 1460.